Violet's Splash, Background Edit, And Cover Shop! [STATUS:OPEN]




Thanks…sorry about this I feel like I’m plaguing you for asking so much…


i honestly dont think they will care but I will still do it


Hello I was wondering if I could have a background edit


do you still take edits?


Can you edit this background so that the room looks more aesthethicly pleasing for instance changing the wallpaper to white and making the carpet a fur carpet and having the single chair turn into a bean bag and making the room mor girly all togther thank you in advance
-Love amari




Hey! So, I have no idea if you’d be able to do this but can you see if you’d be able to edit this background? :thinking::blush:


Is it possible to remove/edit out the couple standing on the ledge? I wanted to put an overlay of my own characters there.
P.S. I got this image on Pixabay and it’s free for commercial use. Just in case you were worried about that.

If you can’t, it’s totally fine!




you never finished mine


Hi can u plz make me a large and small cover for my story plz


Sure! What is your story?


Would you be willing to make a small cover for my story?



My story is a bout a girl who takes her fathers buisness of a gang called the cobra gang and the enemy of the cobra gang starts to fall in lve with he but they dont know that they are both eneyms. The story is called True love is bogus! I was hoppig you can make me a coer with a blurry background, and the two charcters hold gun towards eachothers, and the guy is smirking and the gurl is winking but they are holding hands with there free hand. can u try to make it kinda look like this style plz? and can you put the story name at the bottom by Haya Siam !I would like a large and small cover plz maxresdefault|690x388


I willgive you the charcter looks in a second and what there outfit is !




thx when do you think the covers will be done. :grin::grin::grin:


Well I dont have any deets


Like details