VIP subscription not working

My VIP subscription isn’t working. Anyone else experiencing this? When I hit “become VIP,” it says “you are already subscribed to this” but I don’t have access to the VIP features.

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try refreshing, re logging back into your account or if it doesn’t work try contacting episode

I tried that

Update. Was contacted by someone from the company who advised me to cancel my membership, request a refund and reinstate my membership after I receive my refund. I did that and now when I hit the button, I get an option to purchase the membership. I think I should wait until the refund is complete. What do you think.

But why do you think that happened? And I was just charged for it too. Am I the only one who’s having this issue?


I would wait until you get your refund before repurchasing the subscription.

I haven’t heard of anyone with this problem but I’m glad they were able to get back to you and try to help. With all the bugs in the app and portal, I’m not surprised that it’s happened though. They really should stop trying to improve the look of the app and try to improve the functions of it.

Something like this happened back in February and it was an acknowledged app glitch and they put an in-app notice about it. There was no notice this time, and the person who contacted me suggested I do that cancel and reinstate thing

How long do you think it’ll take before I get my money refunded

And if Apple doesn’t refund me, what do I do?

I’m having this issue too, just cancelled my subscription so hopefully i’ll get the VIP features back when I resubscribe