Virtual Game Outfit thread⚡

_ahem I have a problem this is a thread for my Avi fashion crisis I’m gonna post the picture of the different outfits I selected like everyday so it’s up to u to vote for me I’m an big confusionist lmao so I’m gonna label them with numbers it’s up to you to tell me why u voted for that and how much I love me lmao I’m gonna be posting on this anytime I feel like so look out tyysmmm my BB!




LMAO idk which hair to pick for both of them note: the hair for both is different
Ty once again I’ll be posting on this for a while so byee! P.s the highest number of vote if u pick one out of the two lable them with the Color u see
BTW the game is called Gaia online.


I like the 2nd one the most, so I’d go with that :green_heart:


Tyyyu first vote u get a kiss <333333333333333

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Thanks :heart_eyes_cat: :kissing_cat:

BTW, I love your profile pic :wink:

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