Vi's drawn pfp's 🌸(Semi realistic/ Anime style!) (Open!)

So I love drawing and i really want to improve
So I thought of opening this little thread so that you guys could get a pfp and I could improve too! :wink:

Here are some of my examples!

Semi realistic

Anime style


For semi realistic:

  • Character details
  • Outfit
  • Pose: ( let it be simple for now, in still learning complex poses : laughing:)
  • Background:
  • Hobbies ( fav colour, place etc)

For anime style

  • Your character details
  • Pose: ( mandatory)
  • Background

I will be taking 3 requests ATM!

Note:: if you are requesting Anime style the character will look the same but with your skin, hair color, eyes etc.


Thank you so much :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Duplicate closed. Refer to 🥀 Burning Rose Art shop! 🥀 (Open/free!) (Drawn/edited!)