Visha app glitch

I use android phone. Some days back I noticed a new app on my phone named “movie maker” or “visha”. No idea where it came from but its there on the phone (BTW I can’t uninstall the app now).
I tried openjng it but it wasn’t signed it so . there was nothing much just random videos and I was like may be the app came with the phone. But today I opened the app as I was receiving notifications and guess what ? It was logged in. And the account has 5 videos uploaded. And the notifications were about blah blah blah people liked your post. I was shocked hmm what’s going on. There was literally a id that was signed in into the account and I don’t know who did that. So has anyone else experienced the same with the app? Or any other app? I logged out the signed in account it was a weird name . and tried to uninstall the app but I couldn’t .
If anyone could help please let me know what’s going on and what should I do.