Visit my story! (Power Club)

Hello guys,

I was wondering if some of you had the chance to visit my story named “Power Club” all credits to my friend for letting me make their story into an Episode Story! I know it sounds babish but please stick around. I hope I can please you :blush:

Story Plot:
Marina is given a mysterious paper and she has to try keep the paper a secret by telling minum people as possible!

Please give this story a HUGE thumbs up because I will be very greatful :slight_smile:

Regards Yay

Can you give the link ?

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Oops. Sorry! :joy: I forgot one second I’ll edit it :slight_smile:

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Moved to Share Feedback. :wink: Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

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Thanks for letting me know I put it at the wrong section by mistake

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