Visit my website for free backgrounds and overlay

I got a drive with all the backgrounds and overlays I created a long time ago here’s the link:,


How do I get access?
It’s locked :frowning:

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Its not letting me in!!
Access denied!

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I’ll accept you sorry bout that btw

I’ll add you, don’t worry :wink:

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Still not letting me in :sweat_smile:

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I still can’t get in!


Um… I’ll see what I can do.

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You might have just set the drive to private by mistake

Do u know how can I unprivate it

btw ur in I think is ur email

no. It starts with feden.

Try this

omg I’m in! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, They already look amazing :heart_eyes:

NP :wink:

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You can get the ov only if there’s a credit

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What account do you want it too?

U have ig


Ok shout-out to me there if you want I can’t wait to read ur story!! I bet it’ll be good I’ll follow you on Episode :smile:

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wait! What’s your Instagram called?