Visual CC Help?

Hey, I was wondering how people create visual character customization things like these

I know these authors created these themselves through a lot of trial and error and I’m not asking for their specific techniques. I would just like some advice in getting started with something like this? I know it involves a lot of overlays but other than that, I’m really confused,


These creators are using a new feature in the writer’s portal called, tappable overlays. This allows the reader to tap overlays in the episode and they act as buttons. Joseph Evans has a really good tutorial on how to use them and what you can use them for on Youtube. They are really cool so I hope you try them out.

I hope that answered your question.



Making a whole CC template takes days. I would recommend not doing it because it is grueling and you will feel the pain. Did it once and hope I never do it again lol


I think I got the basic idea of it now lmao. Thank you! And I’m sure it’s not too hard, just very tedious. I think I can manage :sweat_smile:

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Good luck, keep a water bottle handy, drink lots of water and remember to take breaks :+1: :sparkling_heart:

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Umm … Hi, I was also thinking of coding a visual cc template, but I cannot find the overlays used in this pic (the body, face, eye, brow, etc… symbols ) :

I have the rest of the overlays ready with me.

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