Visual Character Customization helppp

Hey, so it’s been over a year since I’ve been on episode forums and the app in general.

I’ve been thinking about making a new story and just curious, do you think coding visual customization is worth it? Like the one Dara.Amarie makes.

If so, does anyone have any suggestions about creating one? Thanks!


Well, if you need help with customization, then I’m your man, and setting up customization is easy, and let give you a tutorial to help.


I do have an appreciation for the effort that goes into some visuals but I prefer the “standard” way of customizing because it’s much quicker and I know where all of my preferred features and colors are located.


I think it can be an interesting addition. I always like to see authors experiment with directing and coding so if the visual customization is unique and well thought out — it’d interest me more in the story and raise my expectations for the story. Even if it’s something simple it makes a story stand out a little to me. It all depends on execution.

I would avoid using a lot of tappables right on top of each other and unnecessarily long pauses, though. Those can be super annoying as a reader!

It can definitely add a unique and more lively element to your story.