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So I had this idea ringing in my head for a VERY long time! I was thinking they add voices to the characters! Like we can make voices for the characters… So I asked my bro what he thought of the idea he said he wouldn’t slightly agree because he likes reading the stories in his head mostly which I was like that’s true but don’t you think if there was voices you can create for the characters even adding neutral voices maybe like… basically I’m saying “automatic voices” and your chance to create your own! Lol this was just a though that was bugging me to post this let me know your thoughts! Lol… don’t you think voices would add more… hmm… uh… ACTION in the stories? :thinking: :laughing:




Nope, I think I side with your brother on this, sorry.
For me it’s like a new way of reading, adding voices would turn it into a TV series or drama. I like to use my imagination when it comes to what the characters sound like.
Just my opinion! x


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The animations and text effects add enough action to what the character is saying. I personally feel that if Episode added voices, it would become too tacky with the animations and text effects. But that’s my opinion anyway.

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don’t like it

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