Voice Your Opinions on My Characters



Hello everyone! I’m here today to ask your opinions on a few story characters that I have created.

Recently, I have created two characters named Charlize and Noe. They are French siblings that have albinism. They are still in the production stages and I have not figured out much for them. But that is all I have for now.

Now with having albino characters, the only story that have these sorts of characters is Reputation by: Mira Mira (let me know if there is more stories like that.) And I have to say, I got inspiration from that story for creating mine. How Mira Mira embraces diversity is incredible and I recommend to check out her story. It is worth the time and passes!

Below is two screenshots of how Charlize and Noe look like.

And please voice your opinions about this pending concept. I want to see what you guys think about this.

I am not going to say nothing more. I’ll leave you guys to the talking. :grinning:




There’s a story called The c.r.e.w with a character named Willow with albinism!


Thank you very much Atreus! I will be sure to read that story.