Volume or sound help?


I want to add music to a scene, but then it goes quiet and then the cricket sounds start playing, does anyone know if the volume command still works/how to use it? Thanks!


The volume command still works. Let’s see your script


It’s just 3 scenes basically with the sound music_agropop, and i want it to kinda fade out to the cricket noise (ambient_crickets)


you can try:
music music_aggropop
sound ambient_crickets
volume music 0 0
volume music 100 S ; S= number of milliseconds
volume sound 0 0
volume sound 100 S

but I’m not sure it will give you the effect you want
correct me if i’m wrong, @RudeInception :v:t4:


I will try that thank you!


Can you send a screenshot of your script if it doesn’t work? (just so it will help me tinker with it a little bit and so I can help you achieve the desired effect)


It’s a very good command actually!
I’ll just make a few adjustments for clarity:

music music_aggropop
volume music X (X = volume, you adjust the volume to your liking)

Storyline going

sound ambient_crickets
volume sound 0 0
volume music 0 3000
volume sound 100 3000


Actually I just noticed you wanted to it backward… hold on




Actually I didn’t have it backwards :joy::joy:
But I went ahead and added time for you too,
It’s the same post, I just edited it


Thank you! i appreciate the help xx :heartbeat:



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