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Hey peeps, so I just made some covers & I need your help deciding on which one to choose. Think you can help me?



  • 1.This one is the best!
  • 2.This one is the best!
  • 3.This one is the best!

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Not to be rude at all. but I kinda when I see art I think may be to good for the person who say they made it. and I just googled your art. I am not sure but I do not think the art you used are royalty free

Um…this is not an episode story but an WATTPAD story & I have already credited the artist for the art in the story description. Thanks for your opinion though :roll_eyes: :relieved:

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Okay dokey. just wanna make sure.

Nice covers! I really like the second one :grin: you asked the artists for permission, I assume, since you’re using them right? Good luck with your Wattpad story!

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When’s the story going to be out :woozy_face:

Yes ma’am I did. But it’s an wattpad story

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Yeeyee lemme know

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