Vote For Episode Bliss!

We’re the best!
We’re better than the rest!
We teach. We care.
We spread joy everywhere!

Epy Bliss is here to win!
If you need great art, just swing in.
Helping, sharing, bonding too!
Epy Bliss is here for you!

We always try very hard.
Our artwork comes straight from our heart!
We make our way up to the top.
The art group that will never stop.

We do it quick, we do it well!
Spread the word if you’ve got friends to tell.
Cause Epy Bliss is gorgeous.
I’m telling you we’ll flourish!

Vote for Episode Bliss best and mst popular art group!


vote 4 us here!

Remember, a vote for episode Bliss is a vote for the episode art community. It’s a vote for passion, skill, and improvement!

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That was impressive!

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You can say that again

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Lol ikr

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