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Hey Forum Lurkers! Im writing a story for the Another World contest, (click here to read the premise) and I’ve been struggling to pick a name that’s catchy.
Here’s the small cover (obv without the title):

Which one of these titles do you find most interesting?

  • Conviction
  • Of Gods and Men
  • Fear Not
  • Divine Intervention
  • I wouldn’t read a story with any of these titles
  • I have another idea (reply :wink: )

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Also, if you will, could i get some feedback on prospective covers?

Which one of these would make you more interested in the story?

  1. cover
  3. cover2
  • No. 1 (the faces)
  • No. 2 (the hands)
  • No. 3 (abstract silhouettes)
  • I think your story is interesting but not these covers
  • I wouldn’t read a story because of these covers

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