VOTE: Pregnancy Stories Or Gang Stories?

Do you prefer prenancy or gang stories?


Is it okay if I say neither? Because honestly in a lot of stories they are things that shouldn’t be romanticized. (Unless the pregnancy is adult consensual pregnancy, then it’s okay.) But that’s just my opinion.


yeah it’s fine.

If I had to choose, I guess pregnancy stories? They’re sometimes a bit of a guilty pleasure.
A guy at my work joined a bikie gang last year and I feel like none of the stories on episode are as interesting as the stuff he tells me.


both I cant pick one or the other because I read both lol

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I feel like there’s potential, but the way they’ve been worked on sounds a bit cliche to me? I don’t know, I find stories with new and different approaches more appealing to me as a reader.

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@St0rm I agree with you.
I’ve been finding some good stories that are totally out of the box. They always keep me hooked. Like Cetrinda by Sarah Kieser. That story was great.

If I had to choose, I probably would pick gang even though both are already pretty used up. Pregnancy is something that has never interested me, and a lot of stories default to giving the MCs a tragic backstory. I don’t think I could handle pregnancy + sad backstory. Action is always great. :smiley:


I would prefer gang stories because pregnancy stories are aggravating and most of them have the same storyline.

Ooh I’ll be sure to check that one out! But yes, pregnancy stories usually feel the same to me… At least gang stories have some ass kicking in between :joy:

Hahaha agree with you



Neither for me. Both are overrated and too cliché.


I honestly don’t see anything bad in gang stories. It’s episode. Episode is a FICTION story app. Idk why people have such a problem with gang stories, I personally think they’re very thrilling. However I’ll admit I think there are quite a few too many teen pregnancy stories…

Although they’re good to show the consequences of it, it just seems to always be the same plot.

As for my vote…I’d say gang stories because I for one am a HUGE Chain Reaction fan!!


Real, annoyed, somewhat snarky answer: None of them, ever again.
Kinder, begrudging answer: Pregnancy stories, 'cause at least they’re less likely to glorify illegal activities.


I personally love gang stories like Chain Reaction.


I agree, especially because 13 year olds use this app. They can be very impressionable. Sometimes these story may lead them into thinking that a bad boy is going to fall for them, and involved in gangs are okay because “love.” I hate that writers are romanticizing this.
People can be injured from gangs in real life.
In my opinion, I don’t like either gang or pregnancy stories. There are really few good pregnancy stories. Most of them are like “Oh no! Bad boy made me pregnant! I don’t even know him!” Again, people shouldn’t be romanticizing this, because being accidentally pregnant at a young age can be a huge deal.
Even though these are all fictions, young and impressionable kids can take these as facts. Pregnancy stories have potential, but it would be good if they had responsible adults instead of a high schooler (which are most of these stories based on) becoming pregnant in these stories.


gang stories, at least we have somewhat action


gang stories but good ones that are not cliché like Deep Attraction