Votes! I need votes please lol

Okay guys so I need help voting on a hairstyle for my girl. Can you guys help?!

Which hair color? Black, Chestnut or Charcoal?


The 3 look so good…

But I have to vote for chestnut

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I would say chestnut

Also I would suggest putting it in a poll like this! :grin:

  • Chestnut
  • Black
  • Charcoal

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Lol how’d you do that?

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Hello! I made something really quick soooo, sorry it’s kind of messy :sweat_smile: (I copied this from another thread I answered to :grin:)

How to make polls in Episode Forums

My Episode character Details have Chestnut, chestnut!


I vote Chestnut because it flows with the rest of her body. Charcoal was a close second to me, though!


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All look great! I think Chestnut looks the best. But it was very close!