Wait, hang on, why is there a gem choice every 30 lines? That doesn't make any sense!


Hey guys, Lissiebeth here.

So, I was playing through It Started With A Bra earlier (I’m on Episode 6). And, throughout every episode, EVERY OTHER CHOICE WAS A GEM CHOICE. That’s just selfish and cruel.

My personal preference for Gem Choices is:
Every other episode has one or two gem choices (one if they are short chapters.) The gem choices are just for looks and GENTLY nudge the story in a different direction.
I hate stories that use gem choices every time. Does anyone else agree?


I hate gem choices …




OMG,I am not reading that story anymore,btw It is so cliche and nothing make sense.
If you really want to see what happens you can go on yt and find all chapters there even those which are not realised.
xoxo Tijana


I mean how everyone knows that bra is hers does it have a name on it. ?-.-


I agree, I stopped that story mostly because of that.


I stopped reading, also. I feel like the authors should have a limited about of Gem Choices per Episo- Wait, actually, PER STORY. That’s kind of ridiculous. A short estimate of how many gems the readers will have to spend? 5000.




I completely agree! I thought it would get better as time went on, like some stories I read. It actually got worse and more cliche. Like, WHO LEAVES THEIR WINDOW OPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE? Also, second of all, who the eff would wear a nightclub outfit to prank someone back? I like the idea of a Prank War, but with romance involved? You know just from the title and description that it’s going to be as cliche as heck.


I completely agree, it took me one month to win 30 gems just so I could make the choixe that wouldn’t have made me look like a fool in I married a prince. So I made a choice and not even 30 freaking lines later a gem choice that will make or break me. TF


I remember that story, and I stopped reading just for that reason! That’s just completely ridiculous that these authors do this stuff. I mean, what are they hoping to gain? Reads? Naaaah don’t think so; I think more readers STOP reading because of that.


Ughhh I freakin’ hate gem choices so much I just want to be able to look good and have some choices without having to spend about a million gems URGHHHH it gets me so mad :roll_eyes::heart:


I completely agree! I feel like there was only one choice (in It Starts With A Bra) that wasn’t a gem choice. Like, REALLY?!


Episode really needs to understand that I’m fucking broke​:sob::sob: How the hell am I supposed to win gems exactly? And now for some reason when I read featured stories that are supposed to give me a gem each chapter I win f*cking nothing???:expressionless: They need to sort their shit out I know need/ want money but what are people who don’t have money supposed to do?


I agree. I feel like the choices should be more fair.

I mean, an example of gem choices I would use is this:

What do I say?

“What is your deal?”
“I hate you too.”
[PREMIUM=10]“I’m dead inside.”


Gem Choices are a way for Episode to make money (more than they probably do) and to stimulate the reader with a boring extra scene or less shitty outfit that doesn’t change the story whatsoever.


That’s exactly how I feel. I don’t really care about a “better outfit” or “extra scene.” One example of a well-placed Gem Choice is in Demi Lovato (Season 3, I believe). Episode placed a gem choice to have the other members help you with your song or to do it on your own- and I believe the choice was only 10-15 gems. In the story I mentioned before, there were poorly placed Gem Choices every other line, and it made many of the readers stop reading.


The Demi Lovato series was entertaining til come season three. The quality went downhill and, of course, Episode turned it into yet another quick cash grab. There were actual, genuine choices in the first two, I remember. The third season completely fell apart, and MC couldn’t do anything even mildly smart (like using Demi’s crew instead of the glamlips robots) without having to pay. It got tiresome fast, and it didn’t feel like a “Choose your story” game anymore, but a “Pay for your story” game.


I agree; I can’t even believe I made it through Season Three. The ending was so cliche too!

Also, ex-ca-use me, but I don’t wanna have to get a loan of a million dollars just to get past a single story, you know what I’m saying?

A lot of people don’t have the money for gems. There are actual legitimate ways to get gems (such as becoming a featured creator and finding YouTubers that post links for 10-15 gems in their description (if even), but I’ve seen a gem choice that was worth 30 gems! Like, seriously?


I also hate when we have to choose between two outfits REALLY ugly (0 gems) and
really pretty (25gems)
I will reather wear that ugly stupid outfit,than pay 25 gems for pretty pink.dress.
And I hate when if I choose that free outfit later in the story some of characters tells me my outfit is ugly,girl I know,I choosed It few minutes ago :girl: :joy: