Wait, hang on, why is there a gem choice every 30 lines? That doesn't make any sense!


dont worry, it’s only a small loan.

The ending was so unnessecary and a real… disappointment, really. And all the gem choices? Never do anything. Choices don’t matter.




Strongly agree.


100% agree. And, a lot of the time, the “pretty” outfits hurt my eyes and the “ugly” outfits are pretty!


Yes sometimes that happens too.
Sometimes I dont even click to see how does that gems outfit looks like,I know I’m not going to buy It so way look at It :joy:


Strongly agree! Why look at a dress worth 100 dollars if you only have 10 dollars in your allowance?


I personally don’t like gem choices, but if they add 2-3 choices per chapter that’s okay, I mean after all Episode is a free app and they need some earnings, but now they’re overdoing it.


don’t even know why they have the damn gems I barley use mine lmfaoooo


Episode stories with gem choices be like:

“Wear this dress and impress everyone at the party”{ 20098303 gems}

“Wear something boring and plain to even make the story line more boring” { no gem}


Totally true!


@Toriblack Lmao so true.
@epy.sophie I feel the same way.
@queenzzz I always feel pressured to use my gems XD I miss the days where I could NOT have to spend gems on every single choice ;-;

And finally, a message for everyone. Thanks for sharing your opinions!

Joseph Evans, one of my favorite authors on Episode, made a video on how to get free gems legit. He says, “Once you become a featured author, you can get all the gems and passes you want.” If it’s true, then it kind of inspires me to write even more!

also I’m on Episode Forums most of the day Wednesday and Monday so ye kewl