Waiting for honest reviews

Hey there. I’m very new to episode writing portal, so to writing stories but I’m trying my best. Would be so helpful if you people review my story and tell me if there’s something wrong in it. I’m waiting for my overlay and background approvals at the moment so till the approval I’d love to make sure that my story is really ready to be published. Thank you all.

Author Name: Blindedjustice
Story Title: Falling for Six Souls
Genre: Mystery
Description: Aleyna is a nerd who dislikes love but it changes when Emre joins in. He’s so hot but horrible things start to happen after his arrival, such like deaths and kidnapings.
Published(yes or no): No
Cover Art:

Episodes: 3
Any Specific Suggestions You Need Help On: I’m not sure if I’m writing the story most less boring and interesting. Also I’m new, starters always need help.

Yes I would!
Maybe on Wednesday!
I’m kinda busy