Waiting forever for backgrounds and overlays to be approved

I’ve been noticing that it’s taking forever to get backgrounds and overlays approved. I’ve just published a new story and it’s hard to update when it takes a long time to get things approved.
What I’m trying to get at, how long is everyone else waiting?


When I first started writing on episode, the backgrounds and overlays took at least 2-3 days. But a year later, it usually takes a little more than a week. :sob: Episode is just busy making updates.’

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Is that contest still going on? If so might be the reason why

Me personally took less than a week

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lucky, it’s taking so long for me.

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So far, I’ve been waiting for a week now to get something approved. I’ll give it two weeks before I start to wonder why it’s taking so long. :joy:

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Missed Connections contest is still going on until the due date comes for it to end.
Every month there will be contests going on, so this is going to be happening over, and over again.

So, quick note, get all the backgrounds, and overlays you need, before a contest comes, so you wont have to wait for it to be approved. :wink:

How long does it take to get covers approved? Mine has been saying “Pending” for about a week, now…?

I dont know how long, but I guess until the contest is over. Ugh, I WISH THEY WOULD STOP HAVING CONTEST AND JUST TAKE A BREAK FROM IT.

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Uhh, no, contests give chances for authors to get featured on shelves and small authors to get discovered, and about the background approval thing, they’re not approving backgrounds, even for contest entries.

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welp. 🤷

Ugh the wait, I know I could get off this and come back tomorrow but when you are in creative mode you just stare and wait, or go through topics to do something to fill in the time haha

yep, u have to keep on waiting for it to be approved. i think they r working on the contest for this month. Every month they always have a contest, and the waiting for backgrounds to be approved will be the same as always, u have to wait until they may approve one at a time.

Hey, I added an overlay and two backgrounds to my story, it’s been a whole week, if not more, and they’re still in review. I wrote two more episodes to my story and I can’t publish any of them because of the review thing, I never had anything take that long to be reviewed. Is anyone having the same issue lately? I’m even thinking about removing the overlay just so I can post at least one episode, I hate taking too long to update a story…

Episode team is probably working on another contest this month and i got my stuff approved this week. So they will approve yra this week or next week

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alright thanks :slight_smile:

Episode says their approximate time for approving backgrounds and overlays is 3 days.

But what is the real time? How long do you usually wait until you have stuff approved?

  • Not more than 3 days
  • Around 5 days
  • Always around 7 days
  • Mostly around 2 weeks

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it really depends all the time


I got two of my overlays approved yesterday and I think I’ve been waiting for like a week. My cover was approved maybe a day or two after I submitted it. But the first cover I ever made took around a week (maybe even longer) to get approved. So I think the first time you submit things it takes a while but then afterward it gets faster

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In my case:

  • in 20% case I get them approved in 5 days
  • in 50% case I get them approved in approximately 7 days
  • in 30% case I get them approved after 10 days