WAITING! I really hope someone does

I dont know if this is the right category or not, but I really hope someone makes a story about the Coronavirus, Not taking it lightly, I just think itd be such a good story. If made right!!

PSA, Im in no way taking this lightly or wanting to make fun, just think itd be super cool to have a little light on the deal.


Hmmmm, I agree. I does take a while to create a story though, so it might be a few months before a story like that would come out. I would read it though!

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Yes!! I would totally try but I just dont think I have what it takes. Thatd be something that would have to be so serious most of the time and I can`t do that lolll

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It would be a perfect theme for a horror or thriller story

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Actually I made one, and it’s going to be published tomorrow! There’s a countdown in my Instagram :joy: @shahar.episode it’s going to be a short comedy story ;^;


That’s actually an amazing idea!
Maybe I will someday, LOL

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Can`t wait!!!

Regarding this comment, it’s out! The name is “Quarantined” and here’s the link

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Lol I can just see the next contest theme now: PANDEMIC



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