Waitress coding

I have created 3 characters as waitres and their animation is walk_tray_neutral. But there is no tray in their hand, so how to get that?
And also, I dont know how i made three of them change their outfits into waitress but doesnt matter how many times i tried to refresh still they are not coming in their waitress outfit but just default outfit. i made
what did i do wrong?

Go to props
then code @add whatever tray prop you want to CHARACTER

@CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT

okay… ill try that
can you tell me why they are not apprearing in their outfit?

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Did you code this and refresh?

yes i did actually

Can you show your script on how you code the changing outfit?
Make sure your outfit name in the catalog is the same as the script.

Outfits will remain unchanged if you try to code them in one line. Be sure they are of separate lines like this:

@HAZEL changes into waiteress
@NATALIE changes into waiteress
@PEARL changes into waiteress

is this ok?

Yes. Is this how you coded in your script? Does it work now?

im coding more lines. ill save it once ill refresh it ill let you know if it works?

Yes, it did work. Thank you so much :heart:

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