Walk Whilst Talking



Does anyone know the script for making a character walk to a certain spot whilst talking? I’ve tried searching for it but it says you need looping backgrounds. I’ve seen it done in other stories though where they exit whilst saying something.


&CHARACTER walks to spot … And CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it whilst walk_talk

(Can’t remember the name of the animation)


To make @PerplexedJam 's more correct :wink: :

@CHAR walks to spot … AND CHAR is walk_talk_happy


I think does it while would be a better option! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using is, but if you use is there will be an awkward pause after the action


I have always used ‘is’ but i guess you’re right! :slight_smile:


@CHARACTER walks to spot (insert coordinates) in zone (insert zone) in (insert seconds) AND CHARACTER is walk_talk_neutral/your chosen animation


Thanks to everyone who commented, it really helped x :grin: