Walking animation?

Can’t seem to get a person to exit the scene whilst doing a walk animation.

You need to put
@BELLA exits left AND BELLA starts walk_sad_loop
I think it will work, for me it does

You have to get rid of the
@ on the 145th line. :blush:

What Danielle said.

Also… now I kind of want to read that!

@eve99 Sure, send me the link when you publish it! Good luck! :slight_smile:

@eve99, put the first @ back. The @ that was not necessary is the second one.

When you command characters, you only use @ at the very beginning of the line. Then it is just the name.

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Really?! i hope so :slight_smile: It’ll take time as this is literally my first ever story with limelight and im only on EP1 but will message you if you like when its done? :smiley:

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I changed the script but it does this now:

I changed the script but it does this now:

@BELLA exits left
&BELLA is walk_sad_loop

@BELLA exits left AND BELLA is walk_sad_loop