Walking animations help

Can somebody help me?

when character1 walks to spot x x x they take a brief pause then hug the character2
how do I get character1 to just do the animation or in this instance just hug ch2 straight away?
Let me give an example
@character1 walks to spot x x x AND @character2 is deepbreath
@character1 is hug_neutral_rear AND @character2 is hug_neutral

many thanks!! XX

@CHARACTER1 walks to spot xxxxx AND CHARACTER1 is walk animation THEN CHARACTER1 is hug_neutral_rear

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@CHARACTER1 walks to spot ____ AND CHARACTER1 does it while _____ AND CHARACTER2 is deepbreath THEN CHARACTER 1 is hug_neutral_rear AND CHARACTER1 faces (direction) AND CHARACTER2 is hug_neutral AND CHARACTER2 faces (direction)

hope dat helps :))

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oh sorry! I didn’t see your reply loll

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thank you it did!!

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thank you it worked!!

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