Walking Animations


Okay, so I’ve been researching what to do and I really cannot find out what’s wrong. This is my script:

@PIPER spot 1.280 179 -11 in zone 1 AND PIPER does it while walk_neutral_backward_loop

However, when I preview, she just appears in the specific spot. I’ve tried putting timing in and it keeps telling me I have an error. I’m very confused. I can’t seem to get her to actually walk instead of ‘jump’ to the new spot.

Thanks in advance for any and all help! :blue_heart::blush:


It should be like this:
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone # in s AND CHARACTER does it while animation



Thank you! :blue_heart::grin:
Do you happen to know how to get them to face a certain way? I want her to walk backwards, but she turns around so it looks as though she’s walking forward.


AND CHARACTER faces left/right
to the previous command :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :grin::blue_heart:


No problem :blush: Good luck with your writing :smile:



Solved and closed. :smiley: