Walking from zone X to zone Y PROBLEM

Hi, I really need help!
I have my MC in zone 3 and another character in zone 2 in a specific spot.
I want MC to walk_neutral from zone 3 to a particular spot in zone 2 and I want the camera to follow her. I tried but when MC arrives in zone 2 she disappears for a moment and than she appear in the specific spot.
What should I do?

Thanks for help xx

Can you post a picture of that section of script?

Hard to say without the scrips. Could you post a draft?


ps. lol @Purple_Ghost

You both are so fast, thank you <3

It looks like you’re just placing her in the spot whereas you need to use walks to spot. And if you want her to walk from where she was standing, don’t use exits.

Thank you so much!
I have to other questions:

  1. Can I use quotes and real song lyrics in my story? My MC sings some lines of “All the small things” and another one quotes Harry Potter.
    For the song part I also used a reader message with the song name.

  2. I made an imagine with the text “Please be advised that this story contains…”, how do I put it at the beginning of my story?

  3. I know that to have pink bubbles I had to name my story “Mean Girls”, but when I discovered this, it was too late. If I create a new story named “Mean Girl” and I recreate my characters, can I copy and paste what I wrote in another story or not?



  1. You can quote, but only a few lines at most. I know some people use most, if not all of the song, but you’re not really supposed to do that.
  2. Just add it like you would any other background after adding it to your background catalog.
  3. Yes, you can copy and paste your script.
  1. I would suggest to use portions of quotes not the whole thing as it might be copyrighted if you use big quotes and the entire song lyrics.
  2. To put the “Please be advised” well you can do this with splashes. You can either create your own art work
    and add the text in or you can go ahead and request it from one of the many request takers on the resources section of the forum. I actually have a thread where I make splashes for people, I would be glad to make it for you if you need it. :slight_smile:
  3. Yeah you could do that but you will need to resubmit your covers to this story and remake all you’re characters overall it will be a whole lotta work.

As Purple_Ghost already pinpointed, the trouble’s you’re using exits left - which will have the same effect as if you use the command remove , she’ll disappear from the scene, and not returning until you put her back in with the spot command.

What you want to do is figure out what coordinates you want her to walk to - just zoom out the screen until you see both zones and place the character where you want her or add (if going right) /withdraw (if going left) 320 to the number for each zone you want her to walk - and use walk to spot and the time you want it to take and set the panning to the same time.

&CLEO walks to spot 0.707 190 282 in 3.0
&pan to zone 2 in 3.0


For the song, I wrote:

  • “All the small things”
  • “True care, truth brings”
  • “I’ll take one l…” (her mother interrupt her)

For HP quotes:

  • “Red hair and a hand-me-down robe?”
  • “You must be a…”

Is it ok or do I have to change?

Thank you for your help <3<3

Oh yes I would love it!! <3

That should be okay.

Then I can make it for you! Here’s the link to my splash forum where you can look at some examples of my work and put in a request there and I will make it happen. :slight_smile:

Thank you and sorry for all the questions!!

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Happy to help. Even if Purple_Ghost beat me to it… again :upside_down_face:

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