Walking in the background during a line

I’m trying to make characters walk in the background while there are lines going on is there a command for this?

Yes, use & for the character. Can also combine with the THEN/then command.

Check out:

Direct quote from there (examples):

THEN is used when you want a command to happen immediately right after the previous command. Just like the “and” command, THEN goes on the same line as the previous command. It can be used for background characters when using the & sign. It’s also used for overlays when you want to loop the overlay.

“then” can be all lower cased or all caps, it doesn’t matter.

Here are some examples:

&BOY walks to spot 0.895 135 95 in 0.5 THEN BOY faces right and BOY starts idle_happy_loop

&overlay BOOK shifts to 150 234 in zone 1 in 3 THEN overlay BOOK shifts to 0 234 in zone 1 in 3 loop INFINITE times

&BG_CHARACTER is laugh_giggle THEN BG_CHARACTER starts idle_wounded


Perfect! thank you so so much!!

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