Walking off while talking

Hi, how do I get my character to walk off while talking?

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@CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER does it while walk_talk_happy

It can be either left or right

You can do also walk_talk_phone

Its not accepting the dialogue

Are you using limelight or ink?


Hmm let me see give me a sec

Is the character all ready on scene or is it someone entering the scene and exiting

Already on the scene


&CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER does it while walk_talk_happy


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She doesn’t walk off the screen

so she’s not exiting?

She is meant to

It should look like this just change character name

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She talks but the dialogue is shown after she walks

Can you screen shot your script to see what can be wrong just in the exiting part and a little.before she exits

Try not to put @ use &

You spelled “right” wrong just before @pause for a beat.

That was my script doing it quick for she can know how to exit

Ohh sorry I didn’t see that you’re the one that posted :joy:

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