Walking Offscreen While Staying the Same Size

I have my two characters in a certain spot but I don’t want them to basically “expand” when they exit. Spot walking basically. Any help is much appreciated!

okay this is what i do I usually put them where i want when they exit for example

@character spot 4.5.6890 and then with the preview button put where you want the character and say this

@Character walk to spot 4.67878 AND Character faces left (or right which ever where there going)

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@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 123 120 in zone #
That will do the trick, but you have to use the correct spot numbers.

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Thanks I’m gonna go ahead and toggle with it tomorrow. It’s late where I’m at but thanks for the help! :blush:

Thanks! If I have any other questions do you think you could help me out? I’m pretty new at this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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