Walking positions

Hi there I am currently working on my story and need help with walking positions I only know two of them that are
@character enters from left to screen left
@character enters from right to screen right

If you know any other walking positions please help I will appreciate your help

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spot directing:)

How do you do it?

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You can spot them off screen like this

@CHARACTER spot x y z in zone 1/2/3
(there will be numbers replacing the x y z)

then have them walk like this

@CHARACTER walks to x y z in zone 1/2/3
You can learn more about it here

OK now I have another questions how do I get backgrounds other from the ones in episode art catalog

Here are all the available positions.

  • screen center
  • screen left
  • screen right
  • upscreen left
  • upscreen right
  • back left
  • back right
  • back far left
  • back far right
  • offscreen left
  • offscreen right

Or you can use spot direction like @AMY20 mentioned above.

You can upload your own backgrounds as long as they are not copyrighted. 🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay


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