Walking rear facing wrong way

when I have a character walk rear they usually end up walking in the wrong direction for example if someone is supposed to be walking to the rear left , their body points and walks in the direction of rear right and I don’t know why? Any help?

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With rear, directions are opposite. So, if you wanted a character to Facebook left in rear, before they do this make them face right while being forward. I got confused on this as well, and if you get stuck, ask me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry this is really dumb but how would you write that - I just put

@CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER walks to spot and CHARACTER is walk_rear
and she’s still facing the wrong way :joy:

I usually put it on a spectate line, like:
@character faces right
@character walks to spot AND character is walk_ rear

I’ve never tried this but maybe you could use the THEN command instead of AND

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It’s still not blinking worked for me :joy:

@CHAR walks to spot (x,y) AND CHAR does it while walk_rear AND CHAR faces (right or left)

Yay it worked! Thank you so much guys you’re :gem:’s