Walking to a position

does anyone know to get a charater to walk to a spot in a certin time

Check out this: Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)


@CHAR walks to % X Y in S AND CHAR does it while animation


@JOHN walks to spot 1.280 200 0 in 3 AND JOHN does it while walk_neutral

*in 3 means it takes 3 seconds for John to walk to that spot. You don’t need to include the “AND CHAR does it while animation” part, that’s optional. Adding the zone is optional and adding the seconds is optional as well.

The % is the height of the character (also denoted using S)
X is the x-axis value (left to right, right to left), it’s along the horizontal axis
Y is the y-axis value (up, down), it’s along the vertical axis
S is the number in seconds (also denoted using T)

Thank you so much xxx

No problem :wink:

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