Walking to a spot and character placement


I’m trying to get one character to walk into screen shot, pause while idle_rear while another character is standing in the background. it’s supposed to look like they’re looking at each other from a distance.
But no matter what I do LEXIE keeps sliding to her spot and WYNDELL ends up in zone 3 instead of zone 1.

Here’s what I have:
@WYNDELL changes into Wyndell yogurt
@LEXIE changes into LEXIE casual 1
@cut to zone 3
@WYNDELL spot 0.288 117 338 AND WYNDELL faces right
@LEXIE stands screen center in zone 4
@WYNDELL is idle_happy
@pan to zone 1 in 3
@LEXIE walks to spot 1.043 270 0 in 2.5 AND LEXIE faces right AND LEXIE does it while walk_rear
@LEXIE is idle_rear
@speechbubble is 163 402 to 100%


I think Wyndell is in zone 3 because you placed her like she was in it. You cut the background to zone 3 to start the scene, so you need to place Wyndell with something like @WYNDELL spot 0.288 -650 338. And adjust if needed when you test the story