Walking to spot & performing an animation while doing it?

&ALICIA spot 1.226 164 114
&zoom reset
@cut to zone 2
&ALICIA walks to spot 1.217 158 117 AND ALICIA does it while run_casual THEN ALICIA is cry_sniff_loop
(don’t laugh please lol im new)
So the thing is, I want Alicia to ‘enter’ from a specific spot in zone 1 to a specific spot in zone 2 (while camera is on zone 2), and I want her to perform run_casual and afterwards and then cry (cry_sniff_loop)
The problem is, instead of running into that spot, she slides to it.
Here’s a screenshot:

I wanted to create a vignette to add some depth to the story, and I KEEP DIRECTING IT SO THAT THE ,SPOTLIGHT" IS ON ALICIA’S FACE, I COPY IT, then PASTE IT, everything should be fine, I PREVIEW IT, and the overlay is in a completely different place!
Here’s what I want it to look like:

So here the spotlight is on her face, I copied the thing in the box (@overlay blabla shifts to […]) and pasted it, the previewed it and the overlay was placed like in the first screenshot. Help a girl out, someone?

“run_casual” isn’t a looping animation. Your character will run just once, then the animation will stop. So that’s why your character ends sliding.

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Thank you, but then what am I supposed to do? I want this animation…

You’re just gonna have to use a different animation, unfortunately.

Also for your overlay problem, you need to add the zone number

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Maybe use THENs? Like @Character is run_casual THEN Character is run_casual

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But all the running animations don’t have a loop (I think, I mean I don’t know but none of them have _loop) so…

I just did this: &ALICIA walks to spot 1.217 158 117 AND ALICIA does it while run_casual THEN ALICIA is run_casual THEN ALICIA is run_casual THEN ALICIA is cry_sniff_loop

now, she slides, then at the spot, starts running in place, stops, does it again, and cries. lol

Why not make the running timed? Like 0.4? Maybe that’s enough for the animation?

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The THEN command wouldn’t work if you’re trying to get your character to walk to a spot.

All the running animations are looping animations, except for run_casual and run_cry

I deleted the ,then run_causal"s, added in 0.4 at the end, now she doesn’t even show… I’m way too dumb for episode

Thank you, I had no idea

Also I’m sorry for asking over and over again… I just don’t know how to do this and I’m getting mad at this

Wait a second, she doesn’t do the animation when it’s timed? That’s odd, she should be running very fast and doing the animation.

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Yeah, I was like ,um?"
I don’t know what to do anymore. Uh, I wish they did placements for characters other than upscreen right and left, back right and left and back far right and left. They should add upscreen center, back center, back far center. I wouldn’t have to bother with spots. Unless they are here but I don’t know about it

Keep the code that you originally had, but just change run_casual to run_neutral

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Thank you <3 it works now. I just have to get over the ‘perfect’ animation : (

Btw, if run_cry and run_casual aren’t looping animations, how would anyone be able to use them? with ‘THEN’? I don’t get why these two aren’t looping

They’re probably glitch animations. You can submit a ticket and let the team know about the issue. Maybe just hopefully they will finally fix them.

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I probably shouldn’t be saying this but there’s actually a way to make them loop.

It’s called gif method, you take screenshots of the animation differently, clean out the access, upload them, scale and spot them and shift them while playing with opacity. :see_no_evil:

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nonoononono It would take ages for me to get to work hahaha I’ll submit a ticket once I finish the first Episode. (that will take a while tho, I want it all to be perfect)

Actually, run_casual has 2 (3 the most) variations, it’d be easy. Hmu in PMs if you want to do that :grin: (don’t worry I’ll do the coding and overlays I’ve done something similar to this :joy:)