Walking up stairs animation help

ok i am tearing my hair out here, im trying to get 3 characters to walk up stairs…
I am using the rear stairs animation, i have them facing left, where they are walking to is right from where they’re spotted yet when they go up the stairs they are facing left!?

can anyone help me before all my hair falls out please? D: <3

All you have to do is this

@CHARACTER walks to P0SITION AND CHARACTER starts walk_up_stairs

Use & instead of @ for the other characters

^^Idk exactly what the walk up stairs animation is called

i’ve tried that and they are still facing left not right :frowning:

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@CHARACTER walks to P0SITION AND CHARACTER does it while walk_up_stairs AND CHARACTER faces left

Maybe it’s right test both to see which one is right


Yes I think that is correct :+1:


ok i think it seems to be working now! thank you so much guys! no idea why it wasnt working as i tried both of those first but it finally worked im like hmmmmm haha! <3

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