Walking with walking animation

I’ve tried youtube and i cant fins anything im just finding normal walking commands, i was just wondering how do you make a character walk with a walking animation because everytime i try it it always tell me error and i’m like really confused can anyone help me

Do you mean like this?

&CHARACTER walks to spot 0.713 211 167 in zone 1 and CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral

I didn’t know thats how you do it :joy: i did it like this
@CHARACTER is walk_sneak_loop then
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 96 -31 in zone 2
@CHARACTER moves to layer 2
So i was really confused because i couldn’t find anything that would tell me that’s how you do it :joy:

I didn’t know how to do it for the longest time either! :rofl:

Hope that helped though! :blush:

It really did thank you :joy:

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