Wanna be a character in my story ? Roles Are Available ! - INK - First to come is the first to get a role!


@Chesirekitten101 uhm sorry for bothering but am I a witch in your story?


This is my character :heartbeat: I had an idea for a role - maybe she could be the “girl next door” in the story, like the new girl. She could be quite shy but inside she is really outgoing and really funny. I thought it would be a good idea to be a new girl introduced to Carol and they slowly become friends. I don’t know but it’s just an idea :woman_shrugging: Thank you! :butterfly:


I can be a mean girl if you want :slight_smile:
Name: Paige
Skin: Tan
Brows: Soft Angled
Eyes: Upturned Feline Green
Hair: High Ponytail Fawn
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round Plum
She’s only mean cause she feels she has to be for people to like her
If she can have a love interest
Name: Gabe
Skin: Tan
Brows: Thin Arch
Eyes: Stoic Almond Blue
Hair: Unstyled Faux Hawk Black
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven Terracotta
and he’s the only one that understands her.


Im the MeanGirl! @PaigeBC


Sorry i didn’t see your name at the top >.<


Sorry the internet was really bad and yes you can be mean girl and if you have an idea for a role you can suggest


That’s fine and okkk


That fine, :smiley: But we could maybe be friends and both be mean girls :smiley:


Yessss we could :grin:




hey guys,i know this is really off topic but when my story Beneath the Moonlight comes out should I make an instagram account as I see lots of authors doing it? or not bother? :relaxed:


Yes you should create an account


oh and can i play one of the Cheerleader

Name : Linda

Detail :

-straight black hair
-upturn feline brown eyes
-lips thick
-eyebrows thick
-skin color toffee
-head shape soft heart

you can even dress me how ever :smile:
oh and i dont have instagram maybe tag me as my Author name wicth is Somary101 are just say Taken !!


Can I be betrayer leader and here
I look like this in classic can you make it ink


And I’m nikka


Nerd: Shadow

Skin Tone: Umber
Hair: Long Braids
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eyes: Downturned Natural
Eye Color: Hickory
Eyebrows: Thin Round
Nose: Aquiline
Face Shape: Diamond
Lip: Classic
Lip Color: Umber

Note: Is Muslim


Can I be a mean girl :joy::roll_eyes:
My name is Alexya
Skin: Honey
Hair: Long curly hair / blasting blue or black
Eyes: Upturned bold/ Purple
Eyebrows: Seductive arch
Mouth: Full round/ Scarlet
Nose: soft natural
Face shape: Soft heart


Of course


Is it in spanish


Can I be a nerd in your story?


Of course !