Wanna be a Character in my story?


I’m not excepting any more characters for now on.
Intill I change it.


hey can I be in your story? I will read it when I comes out too!




what do I need to do then? send you a picture of what my character should look like ?:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, Either that or tell me what your character looks like, And you can pick what type of character you wanna be.


can I be the mean girl please :grin: and I will just make my character and I will be back in a moment


Okay :smiley:


I’d LOVE to be in your story
Class Clown
Name:Faith Shangula
Face: Oval
eyes:Upturned feline/Brown
nose: Upturned
eyebrows: seductive arch
lips: full round/Raven
Hair: Beach wave/Charcol
Top:Dark Red with gold zipper Zipped Crop Top
Bottom: Brown Camo Pants
Jacket: Denim Jacket
Shoes: Mule Ankle Heels
Tribal Patterned Headwrap
Hipster Glasses (Black)


Good choice! I’ll add her to my story now thanks! :smiley:


Thank you :relaxed:


Just wondering what is the name of your upcoming story
I’d love to check it out once its published


The Squad’s Goal


I know it sounds cheesy but it’s the only name I came up with XD




Okay I added you to my story, Thanks!


Can I be a best friend? :3


Sure! Witch one, Or do you wanna create your own name?


Not sure if you still need some characyers


I still need some, What kind of character do you wanna be?


Hey can I be in your story?