Wanna be friends?

Hey guys! I feel a lil bit lonely here in the forums and would love to make some friends and just chat with some people! So hi, my name is Ella and I’m from Sweden, I’m in my last year of our kind of high school and I study art. Tell me about yourself! Where are you from? What are your hobbies? Do you work, do you go to school? Please chat with me, I would love for some company!


Hi, I’m Emma!
I am in high school (my second year)
I’m from New York. And I am on the forms a lot on the weekend(so if I’m on during the week I have a day off) I like to read and listen to music a lot. I like old school hip-hop and alternative. I love to talk to people so feel free to pm me. I’m in school as I said, but I have a part-time job(2 days a week)
So yeah :grinning:

Hi Emma! That’s great, what kind of bands do you listen to? I’m kinda into alternative music myself.
And wow I’m so jealous, would love to live in New York! It’s one of my absolute favorite cities!
What do you work with?

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I’d love to be your friend, PM me if you wanna talk :blush:

I’ll definitely do that! :slight_smile:

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It varies I mean I’ll listen to artist like Nas, De la soul,tony toni tone,yuna, etc. So not really any bands.I don’t live in the city though, I live an hour away, but I love going!! I just work at a dinner to make extra cash lol

Aaah I see, yeah I’m not even going to bother telling you about the bands I listen to, they’re all Swedish so I doubt you know of them haha. But cool, must be so nice to be so close to the city. I have to fly for about 8 hours just to get to new ark airport. :sweat_smile:
Oh but I get that, just quit at my last part time work. It was nice with some extra cash but so stressful to work and go to school at the same time. :-/

Howdy , I’m BlackBurn !
Location : Somewhere in Europe

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Oh nice! They might be different from what I’m used to idk :woman_shrugging:
Yikes!! 8 hours is far!! Have you gone to Manhattan?? I haven’t found working and school stressful yet but I get it could be difficult (some days I have to call out)

Yeah possibly!
Yeah right? Yeah I’ve been there like 15 times I think? I go every year since I have family in New Jersey and they only live an hour away from manhattan so!
Well that’s great, I really hope it’s working out for you. I think I could handle a job but my job was sooooo bad and I was very underpaid as well so… :-/
But what do you do in the dinner? Are you a waitress or do you cook or? :slight_smile:

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Wow!! That’s so cool!!! I have never been outside of the U.s sadly.
But I love Manhattan and Central park!! Lol I feel like we are pen pals already!
That stinks It was a good thing you quit since you were unhappy. No one should get underpaid.
I am actually I hostess! I love my job tho cause I do get free food :heart_eyes: which is awesome lmaoo

Hi Ella! I’m Katie.

I’m from the UK, I’m on my 3rd year of High School (Year 9) and I LOVE art!
I’d love to get to know you, you seem like such a happy person!

Yeah idk I travel a lot since my dad works for a traveling company! And since my family live there it’s very cheap since we don’t have to pay for a room. Manhattan is the best tho! It’s soo cozy and nice! :heart_eyes:
I always feel like I’m in a movie when I go there. :sweat_smile:
Haha right? I feel like that to!
Yeah it was really sucky tbh. Wooow that’s sick tho! I only got free coffee haha ;-/

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Hey Katie! That’s awesome! I LOVE art too, it’s the best. You like drawing or what do you like?
I’d love to get to know you too!

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Personally, I love sketching but I’m trying to get better with painting and digital art! What do you prefer?

I see! I’m very into painting with oil, acrylics and water colors! I’m also trying to improve my digital art right now! What do you draw? Like persons or? :slight_smile:

I draw people. I’m trying to make my art realistic but have elements of magic. How long have you been drawing?

I am Aya :raising_hand_woman: it’s coolioo to meet you
I am from India
Baking forumer just normal eating and sleeping :ok_woman:
I go to college :grimacing: welp

Sounds cool! I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid honestly, but I started taking it more serious when I was like 9? So about 10 years! What about you?

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Heey Aya! It’s very coolio to meet you too haha
Cool what do you study? :slight_smile:

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