Wanna be in a writing team or group?

I have decided to create a writing group where we write different stories.
These are what I am looking for:
3 coders (Closed)
3 Outfit designers ( Closed)
3 Artist (Closed)
2 Proofreaders
2 Video editor (Trailers or teasers)
2 Writers ( Closed)
2 someone who deal with posting sneak peaks in instagram (Closed)
1 Cover artist (Closed)
If you are interested, please write your insta and your time zone. Please I would really love it if I can find people because I have a lot of ideas


i can be a outfit designer and i can do edited cover . if u want !!
my IG @sarah_2k5_ and i’m from india

Okay, I will wait for more people then I will make a group chat

is this group for creating a story ??


ur story ??

No, we can all create an idea and we will make the story

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So, are you interested?

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yeah , i have many stories running up my mind !

Okay, then we will wait for other people to join before I make a group chat

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Hey I’m interested
Ig @episode.lillz
I can deal with posting sneak peaks or proofreading or design outfits

Okay, we will have to wait for more people so that we can make a group chat

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I’m an artist, outfit designer, and a writer! You can find me at @Auritrii on Instagram <3
Time zone: BST (UTC +6)

What if we did a Collab where all our characters interact wouldn’t that be cool!?


Okay, we can wait for more people before we make a group chat

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Is it okay if you do both artist and writer?

I’m not confident enough about my writing to be honest sjsksos! Let’s wait a bit maybe?


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That’s a great idea

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hey…I can do arts,outfits,coding and I am a writer…
My ig @tessa.epii

But I will not be able to write that much before 20 nov. I have 3 story going on in the same time :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

add me if its okay with you :sweat_smile:

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