Wanna be in my Drama-action story? (LL)

My clothing is just casual sweet. Credit @Maeverie.Rivera

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Credit me by Ayu-chan or @Ayu


Boyfriend: Kai


Girlfriend: Ayame




Credit me by Ayu-chan

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Credit me as BlueandGrey@episode

Blue and grey character carrd

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My details!

June’s details

Name: June
Body: Female Soft
Skin Tone: Neutral 01
Hair: Medium Side Bang Double Bun
Hair Colour: Black Dark
Eyes: Deepest Almond
Eye Colour: Brown Dark
Eyebrows: Arched Natural
Eyebrow Colour: Black Dark
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Round Pouty
Mouth Colour: Red Gloss

Choose any outfit you like!

Personality: Short-tempered, Bisexual, Badass, Outgoing, Extrovert, creativity/imagination bestest and all time sad/depressed person.

Credits via Instagram @june_writes.episode

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credit insta: @kat.writesss

My clothes is very grungeish, lots of jewelry, personality very outgoing, bold, short temper, loyal, risky, badass, also extra that wasn’t added freckles 0-3, i’m always wearing some type of necklace or another or bracelets and hoops
spanish is my first language


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Name: Sarah
Clothing Style: Elegant, classy.
Credit: atsukowrites on IG

Details and Outfit

SKIN: Cooper 03.
BODY TYPE: Female Athletic Body.
BROWS: High Arch Angled Black Dark.
HAIR: Long Loose Curls Black Jet.
EYES: Deepset Almond Brown Dark.
FACE: Triangle Chiseled.
NOSE: Round Button Upturned.
LIPS: Medium Thin Plum Gloss.


Flared Jumpsuit Polyester Complex Color Cool White
Diamond Cluster Amethyst Accents Necklace
Mid Heel Flats Leather Complex Color Cool White


Let me know if you need more characters, I will reply with more if you want

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thank you!

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Hey! I’ve got a drive full of characters and outfits I designed that you could use :relaxed:
Here’s the link! Character Drive Doc - Google Docs
Be sure to credit my Instagram: @crimsoncat_writes and let me know who you use! I’ll be very curious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And tag me when your story is out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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