Wanna be in my story? (a few leading roles availeble now)+also contest anouncement day :)


Hey guys! First things first the contest winners announcement will be on
Wendnesday (if you guys want to enter go on my previous post and write it and also write on this post if you would like it to be on Friday)
And also I need episode users to tell me their avatars to get into my story “Roseville : City Of Secrets”

(the characters personality will be choosed by me , because you’ll be playing as actors )
the story is on limelight.

Available leading roles:
(Premium leading role)MC’s sister (smaller or bigger I’ll tell you) TAKEN

-mysterious evil character - 2




And more

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uuuuh can i be in ur story??


yes why not! could you tell me your character details?:grinning:


sure thing:
name - Roxie
gender - female
skin - rose03
eyebrow - arched thin medium warm brown
hair - hair flip peach blonde
eyes - round downturned wide brown dark
face - round soft
nose - round button
mouth - full heart pouty pink warm gloss

do u need her clothes??


awesome!Idk if you want her to be wearing ur clothes then yes , but if you want me to desing them then no :grinning: (I found the perfect role for your character but I don’t wanna spoil!)


uuuuuh now im curious >->
i can show u her clothes and if u like em u can use em


k! She will be Wendy’s sister:grinning:


who’s wendy?? :c


she’s pretty stylish!:grinning: Wendy is popular,rich,sweet and of course friend of one of the most mysterious characters :wink:




wha is the story about btw??


:grinning::joy: my story gives some pll vibes! It’s teenage mystery drama love story!(hope it didn’t sound too complicated :joy:)


neeh it did not dw xD do u think u could tell me her (my character) personality?? cuz srsly im rly curious


of course! She is pretty sweet and undertanding she’s stylish , popular and she’s a bit smaller than Wendy. Also don’t forget that she’s pretty mysterious as well! :grinning::joy:


could I maybe be a character in your story? if so here is my character


thats so nice im already in love with the story tho, seems pretty interesting
also, when will u release it??


yes! of course you can! I’ll tell you what personality you’ll have in a bit!


okay, thank you


im working on the first episodes so I guess when the’ll be done. maybe a week or two :grinning:


no problem!