Wanna be in my story? (a few leading roles availeble now)+also contest anouncement day :)


Of course I do !:joy: maybe in two or one weeks :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to update you!


You can decide


okay!do you mind if I change your clothes? your personalitty: You are Fawns Big sister! (Fawns is a super important and main character! I just thought your avatar and she are looking pretty alike! From the hair to the mouth, the skincolor, even the eyebrows! You are taking care of her and you are shown to the story very often!:grinning:


Yes you can definitely change the clothes to whatever you like. Ok I am so pumped for this story.


I’m sooo happy to hear that! I’m gonna have it ready in a few days (maybe even a few weeks lol)and I’m so excited!


Name: Iris
Skin:Gold 03
Brows:Round Thick (Black Dark)
Hair:Medium Curly Solid (Black Dark)
Eyes:Female Generic (Hazel Dark)
Face:Heart Soft
Nose:Round Button
Mouth:Full Round Pouty (Red Deep Matte)

Outfit :sparkling_heart: :

Top:Undershirt satin red plum rose
Jacket:Belted open jacket neutral sable
Skirt:Plaid princess seam skirt cotton neutral grey dark
Tights:Leggings polyester brown sable
Shoes:Patters leather grey black

Whats Iris personality!? Thanks! :hugs:


Awesome I’ll tell you in a bit.


Sorry I completely forgot! I was busy this week. So you are one year bigger and you you are Naihna’s big sister. You are sweet and stylish! (Again sorry for the long wait :slight_smile:)


Surely! Would you prefer a role , or do you want me to choose instead? :slight_smile:


You can check out the post. The deets are all there. When you are done please tell me if choosed :slight_smile:


Awesome! Tell me your character deets please! :slight_smile:(I did make an edit of the post and added a few options like : background characters , cheerleaders , nerds and more i think, are you still happy with being the Mc’s sister?)


Awesome! Thanks for entering! :slight_smile:


It’s fine! Tell me when you release your story!


Also who is Naihna? :sparkling_heart:


A kind of VERY MYSTERIOUS character, also a basic one :slight_smile: