Wanna be in my story Roadkill?

I’m in need of some characters for other survivor groups in my story, so drop you character details below for a chance to be featured :grin::raised_back_of_hand:

This story is in limelight style! You can choose your own outfit too, but make it something someone in the apocalypse would wear lol


This is my character card, but you can change the fit if you want

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Hi! This is my character and (fictional) bf


Apocalypse outfits

For credits: @/dragon.writes on ig

If you need more outfits let me know, I’m currently really bored and would love to help:)

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Here’s mine!

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u can change whatever U want

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This are my details and the outfit I don’t mind just if you choose me to be on your story I’m not the colourful type of person with clothes :blush: blank colours will do darling

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ok, ty!


alright, I’ll keep that in mind!

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Do you need anymore?

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You can use mine if you want!


Yeah! I need a few more people (:

you can change the fit

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I need a new story card but hopefully you can read it ha ha

I don’t have a set outfit and don’t mind what I wear but if you want any input. I love the colour red ha ha

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credit: alexandra_episode_ on Instagram

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Hi I have three characters :blush: btw could you choose the outfits since idk what is zombie apocalypse style :sweat_smile:

Moved to Art Resources since you’re looking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

Here are my characters:

Use them for whatever you need.

Fairoz cc 2.0

Hey! You can use me and my bf if you’d like. I’d prefer for us to always be together in the scene(s) we’re in if possible. :yum:

My details:

My bf’s details:
Name: Gray
Body: male athletic (neutral 00)
Brows: straight medium scar (black jet)
Hair: medium side part flip (jet black)
Eyes: narrow almond deep sunken (blue deep)
Face: chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose: straight pointed
Mouth: medium straight natural (fair neutral matte)

I think these outfits are fit for an apocalypse…? Let me know if I should change anything :sweat_smile:

My outfit:

Gray’s outfit: