Wanna be my personal stylist?

Hey beautiful people!

I am writing a story and creating outfits tend to take a lot of my time. So do you think you can be my stylist throughout my first story atleast :blush:?

I will make sure to credit you at the end of each episode. :innocent:

My instagram account is zoyaa.episode


@MMG @N_Olivia @Farah_DeSantis @Meghan2 @Natasha.Brown1 @Jessillinna @tasha.episodee @Maeverie.Rivera @Diabuttan @Kiramusu


you can request at TheΓ©s boutique! and choose from many of the stylists there! <333


Hey r u still searching

Hey Dear,
We have a group on IG - epihellworkshop
Feel free to check out and join us
We are hiring outfit makers

Hope to hear from you soon

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Still looking? if so let me know.