Wanna be partners on a story?

I was thinking I want a partner I need help creating characters outfits you could even create characters if you want pm me if you are interested I’ll pm you the deets! Oh, and I need help writing the story also

i’ll give you my acc and you can write with me while we stir up ideas about the story

Hey! I am not free atm but I will be after two days, maybe I can help if you don’t find anyone else in the meantime.

quick question do you know coding? Can you help me with my story also?

Hi! If you still need it, I’d love to help! Creating characters is one of my favorite parts of writing a story, plus I am a new writer and would like to do a collab story. Though I dont know anything about coding so if you’ll need me to help, you might have to teach me lol

Heyy! I’d love to collab with you. I’m trying to learn how to code at the moment, but it’s not going very well lol. But what i am good at is creating characters and outfits! But I would also love to help with the writing but you’ll problaby have to teach me along the way as i’m new to that! Do you have any instagram or something I can contact you on if you’re still interesed/haven’t found a partner yet?