Wanna create a story..?


So, I’m not really new to this all but now I’ve thought of creating a story…or I may even help you with your own story as a partner
If you have any idea you may tell me or if you don’t have but still wanna create a story we can partner up and look at my ideas

Thank you…🫶🏻

I’m down.

Do you have a story idea or something…?

I have an idea that i was gonna start but i never got to it, its a drama romance. idk if you’d wanna do it or not

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For sure I’ll. As I actually like the genre

So its basically about a girl who is heartbroken after a seemingly perfect 3 yr relationship ends w her partner cheating, she then struggles to move on and goes through different methods of coping making it even harder to find love until she finds a guy whos patient w her and treats her right. I’m not sure if you’d like the concept but i know for sure it needs worked on.

We can work on it together and make it more better…
We can either talk on the private about it more or in any other platform if you did like

Sadly, the only other platform I have is discord, I haven’t found many other people who have it so if you did that would be a shock.

I actually have discord

ooh okay! pm me your user

Anyone still up…?