Wanna join my writing team?

Hey there! Recently, I’ve had many good ideas to start a story. BUT, I thought it would be much easier if I could work on this with many other people! Interested? Read on! :blob_hearts: pls don’t flop 🥲


• Must have Discord to communicate with. (If you don’t have it, it’s easy to sign up!)
• Must have Google Docs
• Be 14 and/or above!


Coders: This is self explanatory! They will do the coding for the story to bring it to life on Episode <3 :blob_sun:
Artists: They will create the artwork for the story, meaning the covers and possibly art scenes!!
Editors: They will create custom backgrounds & overlays, but of course I won’t be forcing them to make backgrounds for the entire story :sweat_smile:
Outfit Designers: Simple, they create the outfits for the story!
Writers: Obviously, they help me write the story! This will be done through Google Docs.
Story Promoters: When we’re close to publishing/publishing, they will shout the story out on either the forums, Instagram, or any other social media they have.

Other Info.

No, you will not receive payments. This is a group effort! And I’m unfortunately, a poor 15 year old girl. :smiley: Yes, you will receive 100% credit at the end of all chapters. You can even feature your own character in the story as a funny lil background thing! :rofl:

You’ve made it this far down! So, I assume you wanna join. Here’s the application! My Discord username is catgirl#8736, if it’s invalid please let me know by replying to this! Any questions can be asked here or PMed to me!
LINK TO FORM: https://forms.gle/RnhY8HkNn9Nb2sEe8


Ooh sounds fun!!!

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What’s the story going to be about?

Hmmm, never done this before. I’m writing my own story currently but it sounds interesting.
I would love to join.
Can I have some information on what the story is going to be about?

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It’s still early in the works, but here’s what I have so far: It’s about a girl (the MC) who accidentally finds a magical sword while looting an ancient tomb. (Yes, she’s a tomb raider :joy:) There’s a soul of a lost warrior that was trapped in the sword, who mistakes the MC as his past lover. When the MC leaves the tomb, frightened (because she quite literally saw a ghost, and had it talk to her??) she doesn’t realise that she freed his soul- He somehow finds a body to take over, uses that body to find the MC again and tries to “protect” her from the “evil world” (because at the time of his death, he was protecting his lover from some evil henchmen.) The warrior is a LI. Again, this is early in the works so sorry if anything’s confusing!! :sweat_smile:


Sounds interesting

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I am not that much into fantasy anymore, but sounds amazing!

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Understandable, but thank you!

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Oh Man i would soo Want to join but i am in a break🥺

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Ill join if you’ll except me :upside_down_face: something like character creator/outfit creator and if needed you can bounce ideas of of me :wink: cuz im currently writing a story also…

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I’d love to have you, just fill this form out :smiley: https://forms.gle/cZW2PSd8APEGc43N8

Aw, that’s alright!

bump :walking_woman:

Your discord user isn’t working! I filled the form out!

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Sorry about that! I’ll send you a friend request after I read your application :slight_smile: